Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Málaga start of week 5 of 12, July 27, 2011 Wednesday

From the eleventh (XI) century to the fifteenth (XV) century, the Moslem rulers of Málaga built this combination palace-fortress. Later, the Christians added their touch.

But first, let me rewind just a bit. I said I wasn’t going to snap pics of any churches but there is a huge one just before the Alcazaba.
And now I’m going to fast forward to the end. Just as I was leaving, I ran into this guy, El Longuí, playing fantastic flameco guitar at the entrance to the Alcazaba. For 15 eurobucks, I now have a CD to play on my player. The CD comes with the words to every song. Here’s one song you can listen to. (God Damn, that’s well done. But he could sure use a pair of PROFESSIONAL wire cutters. LOL) ¨Qué jaleo¨ (KEH hahl-EH-oh) means ¨What noise¨ or ¨What racket¨ (... would make your body dance).

The entrance to the Alcazaba Palace-Fortress.
Three Spanish Coat-of-Arms.

And a Christian sacrificial altar(?). Up close, it looks like a bishop (the head is missing) with an angel's head at his feet, and a fireplace just below that.  
Arched doorways (6, there are many more).

A Herringbone walkway.
Dang, I'm on guard duty tonight. A walkway to a guard tower post.  
 Guard towers (there are plenty more).

A River (stream) Runs Through It.

To a garden and tub (trough) below.

Things are looking up (the ceiling)
Artifacts (toys, pitchers, pots, jugs)

A courtyard in the sky.
A corner room with a view.
Does this pattern make my buttresses look big?
View of the wharf below
And that's it, folks! 

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