Monday, August 1, 2011

Málaga end of week 5 of 12, August 2, 2011 Tuesday

Question: Insurance companies give discounts to people that belong to groups. Why don’t they give discounts to people that belong to the group of people that don’t belong to groups? Well? It’s a group! LOL

The Spanish club had another meeting Thursday. Good turnout. They pointed out my accent again. Huh? I belong to the group of people that don’t have accents. That must be the accent they are referring to. Does an English-speaking American have an accent in England? Yes, to them.

¨A really big shoe (show)¨ -- Ed Sullivan. The Roman Theatre. 

How is this working out? Every price is around the same but then you have to add 50%. Still, money goes a long way here. Prepared food is expensive but groceries are about the same as in the US. Many museums and parks are free; the Alcazaba is 2€; Gibralfar castle, 2€; the Picasso Museum is 6€. It must be that using the bus and train services, and walking a lot, is avoiding the major expense of a car. My rent is cheap (400€) but the place is small and no A/C or heat. My electric bill last month was 20€. Water is free. The clothes washer is free. No dryer. It is actually costing me less to live here than in Austin. But, of course, it is not the same life style. And, Málaga is an old city. Here’s a video showing the traffic, apartments, and concrete jungle in general that is representative of the older neighborhoods. 

According to Wikipedi, ¨A Fallacy Of Compostion arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part¨. The Spanish healthcare system is ranked 7th worldwide; the American, 37th. There are waiting times in both. To avoid waiting here, some people pay for private healthcare. This is fine now, while only a part of the population is doing it. The fallacy is ¨if everybody does it, you’re back where you started from and there is no turning back¨. Well at least until the whole system collapses, as the American healthcare system will have to. Google ¨How much does a heart attack cost¨. If you cap out at $30,000 with insurance, who is paying the rest? The ones that have not had a heart attack yet? Isn’t that the definition of a pyramid scheme? Will we have to bailout doctors and hospitals when the system collapses? 

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