Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gibralfaro Castle

In Saudi Arabia, a river is a wadi. In southern Spain, there are the Guadalmedina and Guadalguivir rivers, to name but two. Is that the same whada? Gibr (Heeber) seems to stand for hill. Al Faro means The Lighthouse. What does Gibraltar mean? The hill of the tar (Pillar of Hercules)? Anyway, I toured Gibralfaro Castle in Málaga today. Whew! Come on guys, nobody is going to invade you this high up the hill. Chill out!

[ Sorry folks, the Blogger system is going crazy on me so the captions may not line up with the pictures]

17th and 19th century unforms

18th Century uniforms

A 20th Century uniform and some 10 foot poles.

The fortress and the castle.

Two watch stations.

Two watch stations.


Catwalk (George, this is what happens when AutoCAD goes bad. LOL)

City view from way up here
And, finally a view of the gardens.

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