Monday, September 12, 2011

Winding Down

One week left. I should be back in Austin, TX, USA on September 21, 2011. It has been great! No regrets. But, I'm not going to spend anymore time and effort to force Spain to take my retirement money.

A few By The Ways, wildfires are raging outside Mijas and Marbella, just south of here; 3,000 people have been evacuated. Ándale is not used here; they use Vale. Platicar is not used here; they use Charlar. Auto- = Self-, as in autoestima (self-esteem) and autodefender (self-defense).

July 2011 home sales are 35% less than they were in July 2010, but a condo still sells for around 200,000€ (multiply by 1.5 to get $300,000); who is going to give you that kind of money in this economy? Get serious. Greece is about to get booted out of the EU due to its economic problems; Spain seems to be okay for now. 911 TV programming ran all day here. 

Pics of Málaga at night.

Great new tile being laid downtown.

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