Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Museo Picasso, Málaga

A man goes into a hardware store and asks the store owner for a ¨$%()/¨. The clerk says ¨What?¨. The man says ¨a $%()/¨. After a few tries, the store owner calls his college-educated son over. After just one hearing the son says ¨Oh, yes, we don't have any¨ and the man leaves. ¨Wow¨, says the store owner to his son, ¨What did he want?¨. ¨I have no idea¨, says the son, ¨but I wasn't going to waste all day on him¨.

The Pablo Picasso museum has a lot of really nice art. There was one painting that kept me coming back for a second, third, and fourth look. What was so special about Picasso's ¨Owl With Chair¨? I kept reading the label and looking at the picture. Nada. Then it hit me. It was painted on my birthday, January, 17, 1947! Wow! What are the odds?

There was a lady nearby. ¨¡Este cuadro fue pintado en mi fecha de nacimiento!¨, I exclaimed. She smiled and shook her head sideways. ¨This picture was painted the day I was born!¨. She smiled, shook her head sideways, and lifted and lowered her shoulders. ¨Je naté en c'est jour!¨. She smiled and shook her head up and down. Ah, finally.

I did a goggle search for ¨naté¨. It is not a French word!

Owl with Chair [NOTE: click on browser's left arrow to return here after viewing]

On the subject of accomplishments:
¨Lo que cuenta es lo que se hace y no lo que se tenía la intención de hacer¨.
¨What counts is what is done and not what one had intended to do¨.-- Pablo Picasso.

On the subject of learning art in school:
¨When making love to a woman, you don't measure her limbs¨. -- Pablo Picasso.

¨You don't?¨ -- Ron Garza

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