Saturday, August 6, 2011

Málaga middle of week 6 of 12, August 6, 2011 Saturday

Museo Unicaja de Artes Populares (Unicaja Bank Museum of Folk Art)
Some Coat of Arms.

A Two-Seater Sedan.
A Family Sedan.
A caged cart (? I have no idea).
Fire Engine.
Wrought Iron Work.
2 Grinding Mills.

Clothes Irons and Scissors.
Spinning Wheel.
Wine and Brandy Casks.

Woodworking tools, hoes, axes, and grinders..

Sala 9 (oops, incorrect translation ¨costumbres¨?)

Bedroom (Notice the Birthing Chair! Whatever works. Just get it done.)
An Angel. (Men can have wings, but birds cannot have arms. Um-hum)
A museum is a nice headstone in the graveyard of eras gone by. (I wax poetic oft times)

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  1. Ja ja ja! I started to read the captions in the wrong order and thought the "two-seater sedan" referred to the photo of the wall fountain. I thought you were using "sedan" as a euphemism for "latrine"!