Saturday, August 13, 2011

Málaga middle of week 7 of 12, August 13, 2011 Saturday

More of Diana Navarro (DEEAH-nah). The web is great! The TV show where I first saw her is already available online at:
It is 30 minutes long. The first four minutes and the last two are introductions by Antonio Banderas. In between the intro/outro are 5 songs. The program is as follows (starting at mm:ss):
00:00 Intro
04:00 Guajiras De La Tarántula
09:30 El Quince De Agosto En Madrid
16:35 Rosa Acabó Llorando
21:00 Carmela Y El Minero
25:15 Alegría De Paloma
A few notes. This dialect of Spanish mutes the d’s and s’s. Madre = Ma’re; Todo = To’o. I especially like the third song, Rose Ended Up Crying. It is from an operetta (written by Ruperto Chapí) called El Rey Que Rubió. I not sure how to translate Rubió, maybe someone can help and comment on this. Anyway, ¨Ay de mí¨ sounds like ¨Woe is me¨. Diana Navarro and the musicians are fantastic. That little box (the drummer is sitting on) is very popular in flamenco music and can be bought at most music stores here in Andalucía, for 180€! I hope you enjoy the video. It is worth watching (And, don’t ever bitch that I never take you anywhere! LOL)

And here’s my attempt at a flamenco song. I’m not forking over 180 euros for a drummers box, so I’m just playing lead, rhythm, and bass guitars. A gratis clapping track is available online but I cannot get the S-ss-ss- pattern to sync to my already-done recording. It was tough picking a name for the song. Here are some of the choices:
Solo tú y yo (Just You And I)
Una luna azul (A Blue Moon)
Solo tú y yo y una luna azul
Por la carretera (On the Beltway/Loop)
Dos solos juntos (Two Singles Together)
Un paso más cerca a tí (A Step Closer To You)
Triste sin ti (Sad Without You)
Oye (Listen)
Extrañándote (Missing You)
Espera (Wait)

DAY TRIP TO MANILVA, ESTEPONA, AND MARBELLA. Finally, made it down the coast. I chatted with the bus driver all the way. It was great! After a while, you don’t hear his words or yours; you just hear the idea being conveyed. Kool. Basically, everybody is weary of Chinese-made goods.

Manilva is a nice town quite a ways up the hill from Sabinillas, which is right on the coast. The latter is a perpetual party; the former, a sleepy (cool) village. Both are very neat and clean. The beach at Sabinillas is not as crowded as Málaga. Both towns are so remote that a car is a Must Have. The bus service does exist; it is excellent with the exception that it is not frequent.

Estepona (on the way back) is a little more developed. A haven for retirees. Clean!
The Boardwalk
A Chiringuito.
A Playground.

And, Marbella (after that) has the reputation of being a jet set location. I didn’t even get off the bus there. The bus took route A7 (rarely lost sight of the sea) and it is evident that there is a lot of money invested in apartments, businesses, and golf courses all along the coast!

Friday, August 12, was also the start of The Fair in Málaga. Great fireworks that went on forever. Now, instead of the usual Tapas and Stuff, there will be Stuff and Tapas! No, just kidding. There is a carnival just west of the airport. The carnival has rides, games, shows, etc.

I’m so tired. LOL

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