Friday, August 26, 2011

Palma de Mallorca

A good deal on a round-trip ticket from Málaga city to Palma turned out to be 179€ ($240). You don't get nuttin' free on this 1 1/2 hour flight. At the Palma airport, a coke is 3€ ($4.50). Everything costs more in Mallorca.

City Hall and an olive tree nearby.
2 churches 4 blocks apart.

The Old Man And (AT) The Sea -- Ernest Hemingway. With a recent suntan and a cold caña (CAH-neeah, beer in a glass). 

A typical food store aisle. Just like back home but more expensive.
Bicycles for rent. I couldn't find how much they rented for though (duh). I guess if you have to ask, you can't afford it LOL.

On the Road Again -- Willie Nelson. This time to Valldemossa (vahl-deh-MOH-sah, in the Catalá language, like Valle de Moises in Spanish, or Village of Moses in English). It's like the little towns in the Rocky Mountains. Kirk Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have a home up here somewhere. If you speak Spanish, you MAY make out 1 out of every ten or twenty words in Catalan. Wicked! The Catalan people here and in Barcelona are known for their business acumen and have a reputation of being very well off financially. 
 M R Cruise ships.

Some of theM aRe private yachts with a staff of 12. Yikes!

Waiting for the airplane on the return flight, I bought a 3 euro coke. Damn, I feel so freakin' rich. I may vote Republican. 

Off to Sevilla next. (Sevilla? Damn, I am rich! LOL) 

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